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Our Seafood

NothernStar Ocean Products are harvested straight from the sea, caught from the wild, processed packed and snap frozen on board within minutes of being caught sealing in the wild flavour, taste and texture.

We specialise predominantly in Shark Bay Wild caught King and Tiger Prawns as well as other select seafood. Our produce is processed and conveniently packed on board ready for delivery in 2KG, 3KG, 5KG and 10KG cartons.

"The snap frozen prawns caught on board retain their fresh seawater taste the way nature intended from ocean to plate. Everyone does there bit to make sure that the final product is guaranteed high quality with natural colours, fuller flavours and the best textures" states Ian who's as passionate about the quality of his produce as he is about the longevity of the local industry. 

When choosing a sustainable product from a clean ocean environment such as ours is a commitment we understand our local and international buyers rely on.